Scrunchy shorts

Apparently, I have oddly shaped legs that don’t get along with certain pairs of shorts. I have one pair of short tights from Lululemon Athletica that work well for running. I wanted to buy a few more pairs, but the company no longer makes the style.

So I started trying other options. I have a pair from Nike and one from Oiselle. They are good shorts—for other activities like spinning or cross training. Unfortunately, they both ride up when I run, and I spend the whole workout yanking them down, which is rather unattractive. In addition, it’s difficult to clock fast splits on tempo runs while tugging on your shorts.

I’m not the only one with this problem. A quick Google search revealed threads on running forums entirely devoted to this topic.

I want to buy another pair of shorts. I’m debating purchasing another pair from Lululemon, but I’m worried I won’t like them, and, frankly, my overstuffed workout drawer can’t handle another pair of shorts that are only used for cross training.

Have you discovered an awesome pair of compression shorts or short tights? I want to know about it! Weigh in by taking the quiz below or write me a note in the comments.

Stay-put compression shorts

  1. Have you found the perfect pair of compression shorts? If so, who makes them?

  2. Nike